Henrietta Ludgate

Henrietta is from Scotland. She graduated from Central Saint Martins School of Art. After graduating she freelanced as a costume designer, working with companies including Channel 4 and the BBC. She then went on to spend several years working with Osman Yousefzada.

“Structural, minimalist design. My designs are sophisticated with an edge, an aesthetic highlight of sharp lines and drapes to follow the contours of the body. Using an architectural approach I employ Schiaparelli’s wit in ways honouring my heritage with the use of luxurious fabrics sourced in Britain.”

“The Highlands is an incredibly idyllic environment for a child. Growing up, my imagination would run as wild as the environment outside my door. I still draw inspiration from the surroundings of my youth, often combining them with other influences. Avant-garde artists from 1930s Paris have also encouraged my design process.”