Afton Ayache’s fresh approach to design results in collections that are rich in innovative combinations of textural and geometric pattern complemented with bold print colours. Taking texture as a starting point, she strives to achieve imaginative and contemporary results across a range of base garments. Her new collection is heavily inspired by Egyptian architecture, something that is close to Afton’s heart. The collection is defined by the use of a natural and earthy colour palette alongside sculptural shapes. This suggests the style and shape of Egyptian temples, underpinned by a feeling of strong cultural attachment to Northern Africa. These unique designs are the result of Afton’s dreamy approach to the design process, of which she sees meditation as a key aspect. To view her collection is like embarking on an ethereal fashion journey, and definitely not something to miss.

Afton is a technically trained fashion designer who has gained valuable skills in trend research, drawing, design, textile, garment construction and pattern cutting. After showing her first collection at graduate fashion week, Afton is now working as a part time designer/stylist, getting more experience within the industry, in which she has contributed ideas making head pieces such as turban design, shoe customising and accessories.